About the Captain
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     Hi, my name is Jeremiah Taylor but everyone calls me "Bubba" so please do the same. First off I want to thank you for visiting my website because without you, my business would not exist. I am the owner and operator of Taylor Made Saltwater Adventures. A new company that offers a little bit of everything the Texas coast has to offer. I am sure you are probably wondering what it is that makes my guide service special. Well, I'll tell you. I'm a third generation fisherman. My family has depended on the saltwater to make their living for over a century. During this time we have taken part in Shrimping, Oystering, Commercial Fishing, Net building, Boat building and professionally guiding anglers and waterfowl hunters. I am very passionate about the conservation of our coastal bays and wetlands as they have provided for our family for many years. I strive for future conservation of these waterways and hope that they will consistently provide for my family and I. 
     I also have a passion for sharing my knowledge and respect for the sport of fishing and waterfowling to others. It is truly gratifying to see people learn about their environment in good ways. I take great pride in knowing and understanding what it takes to create a successful and memorable outdoor adventure. When you live your entire life on the Texas coast, it's hard to narrow the day down to one particular method of fishing or hunting, therefore, I offer a little of everything. All of our packages are very exciting in their own way and I enjoy the challenge of staying at the top of my game with each one of them. I am located in Port Lavaca and our guided services will be provided from East Matagorda Bay to Baffin Bay inlcuding seasonal offshore trips. I have traveled up and down the coast and very few places offer such a wide variety of saltwater environment and habitat in such close proximety to one antother. This reason alone is what makes my business and way of life possible. Taylor Made Saltwater Adventures also makes the outings enjoyable by putting our customer service, safety and hospitality above everything else. I want you and your group to feel welcome and comfortable the entire time you do business with me. Therefore, we offer a fully customizable trip that will fit your needs and I will try my hardest to provide everything you desire in a guided trip. 
     In closing I would like to say that I have spent the better part of my life on the water and I have enjoyed just about every part of it. I love to greet new people every morning, and share what all of the "Old Salts" in my family have shared with me. Hopefully by the time our trip is done you will be able to call me a friend and your captain to all of your saltwater needs.

      Captain "Bubba" Taylor